The Honeywell Authorized Dealer Program is a tiered program that rewards dealers based on their commitment to the program and the Honeywell portfolio of products. There are three tiers to the program—Silver, Gold and Platinum. Movement between the tiers is based on accomplishment of program requirements, participation in program activities and meeting or exceeding purchase commitments. Keep in mind that dealers within in this program are the ONLY dealers that can utilize the terminology “Honeywell Authorized Security & Fire Dealer”.


In the Honeywell Authorized Security and Fire Dealer program you are rewarded based on your participation in the program and your commitment to the Honeywell portfolio. Descriptions for each reward follow the chart below.

Program Tier Levels
Key Program Rewards Silver Gold Platinum
Co-op (Honeywell Intrusion, Honeywell Access, Honeywell Video, Honeywell Fire* and Honeywell Genesis Cable)
Rebate on purchases of Honeywell Intrusion, Honeywell Access, Honeywell Video and Honeywell Fire* products and Honeywell Genesis Cable
Market Development Funds (MDF)


The Honeywell Authorized Dealer co-operative advertising program (Co-op) invests in your business through mutually beneficial advertising campaigns, promotional activities and events that generate additional sales.

As you move through the tier structure you have the ability to earn co-op for the purchases of the following products:

  • Honeywell Intrusion
  • Honeywell Video
  • Honeywell Access
  • Honeywell Fire (Silent Knight, Fire Lite and System Sensor)
  • Honeywell Genesis® Cable


We want to reward you as your business grows.

You have the ability to earn rebates for the purchases of the following products:

  • Honeywell Intrusion
  • Honeywell Video
  • Honeywell Access
  • Honeywell Fire (Silent Knight, Fire Lite and System Sensor)
  • Honeywell Genesis® Cable

Market Development Funds

Marketing Development Funds are an additional way to help you grow your business—and is above and beyond our co-op program. It is an incremental source of marketing funds that Honeywell will provide for our authorized dealers.

MDF will be awarded based on factors such as:

  • Fully submitted marketing plan for the project
  • Focus on growth products and services
  • Projected Return on Investment
  • Outline of reporting/tracking for campaign

An Authorized Dealer can apply for MDF once all accrued co-op funds have been used.

* Honeywell Fire (Silent Knight, Fire Lite and System Sensor)


Below is a list of resources that are offered to Honeywell Authorized Security and Fire Dealers.

Program Tier Levels
Resources Silver Gold Platinum
Unlimited access to Discover Online training modules
Honeywell logo/badge usage
Corporate alliance resource
Monthly authorized dealer webinar/email updates
Honeywell authorized dealer generic marketing collateral
Access to CONNECT meeting
Priority technical support
Pilot program participation
Quarterly business review/strategic planning session
Customized marketing
Annual face-to-face business builder sessions (DDG) 2 4

List of Corporate Alliances

We have assembled a group of outside supplier/vendors as an additional benefit to you for participating in this program. Honeywell brings the business services/solutions of leading companies to our authorized dealer network. These resources enable our dealers to take advantage of business building and discount service opportunities that might otherwise be either too costly or unavailable to an individual dealer. Click here to see our list of corporate alliances.


There are requirements to participate in the Honeywell authorized dealer program - such as performance requirements and training and participation criteria. Likewise, there are commitments that Honeywell makes to ensure your success in the program.

Program Tier Levels
Performance Requirements Silver Gold Platinum
Signed agreement
Honeywell brand visible on website
Overall growth requirement
Achieving purchase goals in product categories
Operations funds
Require Honeywell Total Connect™ attach rates
Sharing of marketing statistical and/or demographic data
Participation in regional meetings
Participation in CONNECT
Honeywell premiere brand on company website
Honeywell logo prominently displayed (apparel, website, transportation)
Business plan
Program Tier Levels
Honeywell Commitments Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly authorized dealer webinars
Honeywell authorized dealer generic program marketing collateral
CONNECT annual meeting
myCONNECT Express regional meetings
Honeywell generated leads
Annual face-to-face business builder sessions (DDG)
Customized marketing collateral
Quarterly business review/strategic planning session
Pilot programs
Program Tier Levels
Training & Certification Criteria Silver Gold Platinum
Annual Discover online training curriculum requirements 5 10 15
Honeywell Total Connect
AlarmNet 360
Basic Networking
Intrusion (Self Contained or VISTA®)
Automation (Z-Wave® or Tuxedo Touch, Lyric)
Silent Knight and Fire Lite*
Performance Series Video (IP Video or HQA)
Advanced Networking
*Honeywell Fire training is optional - unless you are using Fire for tier achievement

Supporting Documents

HAD Program Guide